Reuven Lerner is a freelance Web developer, consultant, and trainer, specializing in open-source technologies.  He created one of the first 100 Web sites in the world, writes Linux Journal’s monthly Web developer column, is a panelist on the weekly Freelancers Show podcast, and recently published his new ebook, "Practice Makes Python."   

Reuven has a PhD in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, where he created and researched online collaborative communities.

Presentations by Reuven M. Lerner:

  • Rails Israel Conference, Monday, November 12, 2012, 14:45

    Rails is a great framework, and makes it possible to create complex, exciting, reliable Web applications in a short period of time.  I'll describe some common traps that new Rails developers fall into , making life harder than necessary for themselves (and their users), and how you can both identify and avoid them.

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