Meiosis in Rails Apps

Rails Israel 2014 Conference, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 11:40

Rails is optimized for getting you up and running quickly. However, while the first steps are so fast and fun (we all built a blog in 15 minutes!), the rapid speed at which they grow can raise some challenges.
At some point, every Rails developer needs to transform a “monster app” into something more manageable.
During this talk, you’ll join me as I share the story of one such app and the meiosis process of splitting it into several apps, services and gems.
You’ll learn about the pitfalls we faced, the bugs that plagued us, as well as get a robust set of pragmatic tips that will explain what to do when facing a daunting task such as this one.

Yon Bergman is a developer and an amateur designer who loves building cool stuff. By day, he works as a tech-lead at the eBay Israel Innovation Center - a commando unit aiming to produce the next big (awesome) thing.
By night, he works relentlessly on his side projects and plays probably too many board games.

He is a frequent mentor at RailsGirls and a co-founder of the Israeli Global Day of Coderetreat. Additionally, he's one of the hosts on the first mobile development podcast in Hebrew (Mobile & Beer).

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