Beating Poker With Ruby

Rails Israel 2014 Conference, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 15:15

This talk will quickly explore how very little ruby code can help you make better decisions around the poker table. We will explore poker odds calculators in general and specifically the Monte Carlo Simulation method that drives them. Lastly, we'll see how to implement our own simulations in ruby for any other experiment.

Assaf is a developer and tech ambassador at the PayPal Tel Aviv Consumer Product Center, a small team focused on building the future of PayPal’s consumer apps and products all the while working on various gems and side projects. 
Based out of sunny Tel Aviv, Assaf is also an amateur poker player, often trying to mix between the poker, math and technology worlds. 
Assaf also very much enjoys brewing coffee, eating cake and riding his bicycle but hasn't yet tried to use his programming skills for those.

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